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CSR and environmental projects are often carried out by well paid specialists or consultancies who deliver thick scientific reports.

This has two major drawbacks:

_  Creating support for the suggested changes is difficult.

_  The solutions are comprehensive and therefore communication and

implementation often complex.

Failure lures around the corner.

There is a different approach!

Small-scale, manageable projects lead to clearly visible, practical results. The profit in sustainability is quickly recognized.

‘Motivating, everybody involved, to take new steps.’

Education training and knowledge

_  Atheneum The Beta side of gymnasium in the Dutch school system

_  Technical university Delft department  material science (for a

_ few years)

_  NIMA B Marketing manager

_  Various professional training courses in the paper industry

_  Extensive self study on the subjects CSR and Environmental issues in

_ the paper industry

Due to my training, skills and long term experience, I both understand and speak, the scientific language of the (lab)technicians and the language of the market and the workplace. This is also why I am very capable of making translations in both directions so the scientist or consultant understands the workforce and visa versa. This will enhance the efficiency in problem identifying, finding solutions and the implementations.