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Pitfalls: dogmatic thinking: ' If you do this, all your problems are over' unfortunately the golden one fits all  environmental problems solution does not exist.

Roto Smeets group CSR report 2012

About paper and the environment there are still a lot of misunderstandings. This starts with the language. For paper you fell trees, but reforestation, planting back the trees is done in the same way farmers do. But they call it sowing and harvesting this sounds a lot more positive than felling, but it's exactly the same.


Grafimediawereld achtergrondartikel over bamboepapier

De monsterkamer

Presentaties voor brancheorganisatie KVGO

Some quotes from my book “papier en milieu”

Page 47

Lets think unconventional. The apparent contradiction of purchasing departments, with financial targets on reducing spending every year more and the CSR department that gets every year increasing budgets to support CSR projects worldwide, can easily be resolved. Please let these two disciplines work together also budgetary. The result “Purchasing” can buy sustainable, with strict social buy criteria, produced products.

Page 58 and following

“Climate neutral production” is the claim of more and more companies. Funny, scientists haven't even agreed on what substances exactly have which affect on the climate, but some companies already know they are climate neutral. The truth is, the elimination of each and every emission lies in reality still in far the future.

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