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_  In brainstorming sessions, together with the employees, identify the

issues within the workplace and which are the current important

topics in the industry.

_  Developing, in interactive workshops, practical solutions and

organise procedures for the implementation.

_  Supply active guidance, monitoring and adjustive actions in all stages

of implementation.

Result: a more sustainable working place and products/services,  fully supported by all employees and identifiable for the stakeholders.


The “absolute perfect fail-safe covering all items” environmental

solution does not exist. Its always a solution that is the optimum for a

specific problem, within the existing possibilities. An analysis together

with the employees of the company will bring the issues, that really

matter, to the surface. Of course specific industry- and operating

conditions are taken into account during the process.


Do not expect guru-like miracle solutions like:

' you just need to do this, then everything will be taken care off'.

This approach leads to part-or non-solutions, which will be very disappointing in the end.

Paper consulting

I have 33 years experience in the paper industry. With a wide variety of expertises ranging from paper technique, marketing, environmental technology, CSR to advising graphic designers and end users. Therefore, you can count on an accurate and well documented advice, taking into account different perspectives, obviously tailored to the communication needs for the specific target groups.


No endless meetings and evaluation processes. Instead, interactive brainstorming sessions, practical workshops and hands-on implementation projects. Result driven work procedures for all sections in the company or organization.